donderdag 1 maart 2012

Life Exploit #2

I am more than happy to be able to show you people my very first exploit!
Let's hope we can keep this going for a very long time, and both enjoy it as well.

It all begins in your mind, and can develop  itself into everything you do,
,it can become a natural habit

Life Exploit : Social Engineering #1

Dear readers, we will talk about Social Engineering, or SE, which will be my way of referring to Social Engineering. I will now give you a small intro to SE, and how you can use it to your advantage.

SE, in context of security is simply manipulating other humans, or objects into giving you what you want.
This could mean:
-tricking a friend into telling you the truth.
-having a stranger tell you someone's secret
-make a machine do an action you want it to.
 The possibilities are endless!

I will try to teach you SE, and allow you to follow me in lessons spread over multiple blog posts.
I will also link you to multiple free SE E-books, written by master SE's all for free.

Interested? Keep in contact.

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